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Stop teaching your child the wrong Tajweed.

Explore and Experience our World-Class teaching methods that helps in improving your tajweed in just 30 mins

Why the demo is important?


We assess your kid's ability to learn and to see where he stands on his recitation.


Arabic is a very sensitive language, you pronounce a letter wrong and the whole meaning changes. His tajweed should be perfect.


 We make an effort to get to know him so that we may adopt specific teaching methods for him.


Your child should know all the Dua's and Sunnah that has to be followed everyday. A little check-up on that.

Dua's and Sunnah's for Everyday

We help your kids unlock the doors to Jannah by making sure they follow the manners of Islam. Your kids will follow the path of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) as we teach them Dua's and Sunnah's and make sure they follow it everyday.

Your child is in good hands.

We've helped around 300 students find their path towards Jannah. We call them our Islamic Superstars. It's time your child became one.


Demo's Taken






Syed Ashfaq, Qatar

Excellent Hifz And Tajweed Teacher My kids have been studying for almost a month and. My son was recapping the last two juz, alhamdulillah he recapped quarter juz and my daughter is also improving in reading Quran.


Syed Ali, London

Excellent Teacher never miss it.
Masha Allah, Good teaching style with lots of love and affordable fee. Alhamdulillah to have a teacher like this. Please whoever seek knowledge never miss this teacher.


Shereen Abdul, Canada

Please don't miss the demo class.

It was great, they concentrate which is wonderful,  because usually they are bored and they don't want to sit and take any Quran class.

Here's What Some of them had to say


Rashid, California

Brother Abrar is an Exceptional Quran instructor. He is very knowledgeable and methodical in his teaching. I started from the very basic, starting from the Arabic letters and then finished the Noorani Kitab. Within a month we are able to recite the Quran with correct pronunciation. This is an amazing accomplishment. He is also patient and goes slow, wherever needed, until we the master the concept, reading rules.  Overall we are very happy and satisfied with his teaching method


Miftahuddin, Seattle

Brother Abrar is excellent in communication. My sons 14 and 12 immediately bonded with him.  He taught us correct pronunciation, he is encouraging my son with memorization. When we are reciting Quran, he will explain the meaning. We are going over basic rules. We are very lucky to have Brother Abrar as our teacher.

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