Noorani Qaida

Course Overview

You DO NOT need to take a hefty course in order to learn to read Quran. In fact, you can learn to read Quran even if you do not understand it. This course is A-Z, Yes, all you need to recite the Quran with correct Tajweed.

This course covers the following topics:
Extra Curriculam:
  1. Arabic Letter and correct Pronunciation

  2. Vowels (Fathah, Kasrah, Dammah)

  3. Tanween (Double Vowels) - The Implied Noon

  4. Letters of Madd (Stretch) - Alif, Yaa, Waaw

  5. Letters of Leen (Swift Madd)

  6. Rules of Extra Madd (Stretch Due to Hamzah)

  7. Sukoon (Resting Sound) & Qalqalah (Bouncing Sound)

  8. Rules of Idgham (Pressure and Emphasis)

  9. Madd Laazim (Longest Madd)

  10. Rules of Noon Saakin & Meem Saakin

  1. Biography of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

  2. Daily Sunnahs of Prophet

  3. Daily Masnoon Duas

NOTE: These are not merely theoretical lessons. Rather each lesson is 100% Practical.

Course Objective

  •  To educate Muslim kids and adults who are naïve to correctly reading Arabic Quran with perfection.

Eligibility Criteria

  • No knowledge of Arabic required at all. This course will teach you from complete scratch.

  • This course is designed for every age group; children, youth & adults of ages 5 and above.

What You Will Learn

  • The student will be able to make a smooth transition into the recitation of the Quran in Arabic with basic rules of Tajweed