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Noorani Qaida


You do not need to take a hefty course in order to learn to read Quran. In fact, you can learn to read Quran even if you do not understand it. This course is A-Z, Yes, all you need to recite the Quran with correct Tajweed.

Course Overview

Course Objective

It is to educate Muslim kids and adults who are naïve to correctly reading Arabic Quran with perfection.

The student will be able to make a smooth transition into the recitation of the Quran in Arabic with basic rules of Tajweed

Arabic Letter and correct Pronunciation

Vowels (Fathah, Kasrah, Dammah)

Tanween (Double Vowels) - The Implied Noon

Letters of Madd (Stretch) - Alif, Yaa, Waaw

Letters of Leen (Swift Madd)

Rules of Madd (Stretching)

Sukoon (Resting Sound) & Qalqalah (Bouncing Sound)

Rules of Idgham (Pressure and Emphasis)

Rules of Noon Saakin & Meem Saakin

Daily Masnoon Duas

Topics Covered

No knowledge of Arabic required at all. This course will teach you from complete scratch.

This course is designed for every age group; children, youth & adults of ages 5 and above.

Eligibility Criteria

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