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Comprehensive Learning Tool: This beginner's guide teaches proper pronunciation of the Quran according to tajweed rules with detailed illustrations of letter shapes and sounds written in English and Roman Urdu script.


Progressive Lessons: Students are taken from learning individual letters of the Arabic alphabet to joined and final letter forms in a structured progression.


Dual Language Presentation: English and Roman Urdu phonetics allow students to easily understand pronunciation instructions regardless of their familiarity with Arabic.


Illustrated Tajweed Rules: Clear diagrams demonstrate the correct techniques for reciting different letter combinations to master proper enunciation.


Beginner Friendly Format: This Noorani Qaidah (Tajweed Book)provides a comprehensive yet accessible starting point for anyone new to Quranic recitation and the tajweed methodology.

Al-Hira Neo Noorani Qaidah (Tajweed Book)

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