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Quran is not revealed to this Ummah just to read and recite it, but to learn it, understand it, ponder on it, get guidance from it and finally implement in our lives and act upon it. Allah (swt) says in the Quran: “Will they not then ponder over the Quran or is it that they have locks on their hearts!?” [Al-Quran, 47:24].  Quran is the last book of Allah, revealed to the last Messenger of Allah Muhammad (saw).


Quran Online India brings you one of the greatest opportunities to learn one of the most authentic Tafseers in the World. Do not wait for tomorrow which never comes, Join today!





To educate the Students with the best Tafseer and understanding of Quran. To Implement the teachings of the Quran in our lives. 


After Completion of this Course Students will be able to understand the Quran while reciting it.Remember the Tafseer, Fiqh and Hadiths behind the verses. 

Word by Word Translation

Tafseer Ibn-e-Katheer

Fiqh behind the verses

Detailed Tafseer of every verse of the Quran

Hadiths related to the verses.



Anyone who knows to recite Quran and keen to Understand Quran qualifies for this Course.

This course is designed for every age group; children, youth & adults of ages 15 and above.



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