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Ever wanted to dive deep into The Quran's teachings?

Unlock the secrets of The Quran with our exclusive Tafseer-ul-Quran Course

Islamic Scholar with Quran in his hands

Explore the Message of Allah Like Never Before

A total of 

7 Modules

Sessions per month


Each Module is of

20 hrs

Students in each batch


Batch Gender


Duration of per class

1 hr

Age Eligibility




Every hour of class is blended and catered towards,

Delving deeper into verses' meanings.

Learn Islamic rules & guidelines.

Memorize and Master key Quranic vocabulary

Grasping basic Arabic Grammar

Some of the modules in the course

Salah Comprehension  

Understand the essence of your daily prayers.

Tales of Ibrahim A.S 

Explore the varied stories of Ibrahim A.S from the Quran.

Diverse Stories from The Quran

Delve into the variety of stories beautifully narrated in the Quran.

Story of Yousuf A.S.

Dive deep into the detailed and captivating story of Yousuf A.S.

Diverse Stories from the Quran

Immerse in the tales of Prophets from the Quran.

Ethics from Quran

Uncover the moral principles guiding our lives.

Overview of the Quran

Grasp the holistic essence of the divine scripture.

 Note: The enrolment for each and every module has to be taken separately by your choice.

Having second thought?

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