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Best Way to Master Tajweed, Embrace Fluency, and Elevate Your Recitation

At Quran Online India, we believe that every child deserves to experience the joy of Tajweed mastery. 

learn Quran online with tajweed through our Noorani qaida (basics quran learning course)

Leave Quran Recitation Challenges Behind 

Is your child struggling with Tajweed? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many parents face the same challenge of guiding their children on the path to perfect Quranic recitation. But fear not!


Quran Online India is here to provide the ultimate solution to your child's Tajweed woes. Let us empower your child with the knowledge and skills needed to recite the Quran with our new and comprehensive Al-Hira Neo-Noorani Qaidah

online quran tutor or teachers from India

Your Solution For Flawless Quranic Recitation

Foundational Tajweed Skills for Fluent Recitation

Perfect Your Quranic Pronunciation and Fluency

Master the Arabic alphabet,  sounds, and diacritical marks

Al-Hira Neo-Noorani Qaidah

A comprehensive curriculum laser-focused towards perfecting Tajweed

Phase 1 : Foundation

Prerequisites: No Prior Knowledge of Arabic needed, Just book your demo.

Topics Covered

Lesson No.


Average Duration

Arabic Alphabets


Introcduction to Consolidating Pronounciation Skills and Mastery in conjoining letters

10 classes



Building words, Advanced Vowelization Techniques & Virtuoso Vowel Mastery

9 classes

Sukoon, Qalqalah


Understand the concept and Apply rules of Sukoon and Qalqalah in words and verses

4 classes

Phase 2 : Intermediate

Prerequisites: Should Ace the Exam conducted for The Foundation Phase

Topics Covered

Lesson No.


Average Duration

Maddah & Leen Letters


Introduction to long vowel sounds & diphthongs

22 classes

Tanween, Tashdeed & Madd


Understanding the concepts and applying it in Quranic Recitation

13 classes

Rules for Raa and Waqf


Mastery in reciting Raa and achieve pausing skills in various recitation scenarios.

7 classes

Phase 3 : Mastery

Prerequisites: Should Ace the Exam conducted for The Intermediate Phase

Topics Covered

Lesson No.


Average Duration

Tanween & Noon Sakin


Understanding the similarity between Noon Sakin & Tanween and it's rendition

1 class

Izhaar to Idhgaam


Foundational understanding of practical applications through exquisite articulation techniques

20 classes

Rules for Meem Sakin


Understand the concepts and difference between rules for Meem Sakin and Noon Sakin & Tanween

4 classes

Signs of Waqf


Learning signs with its guidelines and Master appropriate pausing and continuity in recitation

3 classes

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